Sabbath-inspired local act prefers its beer in cans and its rock at high volumes

Bava Choco (rhymes with loco) is a hard-rock quartet of Columbus music vets inspired by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. The band's unique name is an homage to one of the group's favorite movies, “Pulp Fiction.” Bava Choco will be releasing Clowns, the second installment in its Death Ride trilogy, on Friday, June 15 at Ace of Cups with the Damn Thing, Moodshifter and Lizard McGee. Below is a list of some of the band's favorite things.

Cold, canned beer and loud rock 'n' roll

Rock 'n' roll is visceral. It's meant to be experienced live, with your tight bros, beers in hand. That's how we got to know each other — having drinks, watching old bands we've been in and thinking, “It'd be cool to play with that guy.” We've also dug pretty much everything our friends at Starwood Productions have hosted in the last few years — groups like Graveyard, Earthless and Red Fang.

Ace of Cups

It's not a coincidence that most of the shows we see are at Ace of Cups. The vaulted ceiling allows you to just swim in the lushness of the sound. Plus, the beer cooler is an old bank vault. How cool is that? It's Columbus' rock 'n' roll DNA and is run by a local music legend, Marcy Mays. Musician-run venues get it in a way that you just can't get unless you've been on the other side. The loudest rock, the coldest beer and Ray Ray's BBQ. You can't go wrong. Plus, they have a killer show this Friday.


Our songs rarely clock in under five minutes and get cinematic in scope, mostly due to our shared love of action, horror and drama. When we're not at rock shows we're probably in a theater getting pummeled by the newest Marvel movie, or at home binging the “Evil Dead” trilogy, or at practice arguing over plot holes in the new “Star Wars” films. Our bassist even hosts his own podcast, “The Reel Gay Movie Show.” Check it out!

Studio 35

Clintonville's historic movie theater ties it all together for us. It's dark and vibe-y with class. The bar has original artwork on the wall for some of our favorite movies like “The Shining” and “The Big Lebowski,” and the beer selection is mostly local. Our music is as much influenced by Studio 35's Bad Movie Night and Fritz the Nite Owl as it is by Black Sabbath. This place is inspiringly no frills — one screen, one pinball machine, but depth of taste.