A rundown of select films currently playing in theaters

New in Theaters:

“American Animals”

This flick from director Bart Layton focuses on a 2004 heist where four semi-inept Kentucky college students attempted to execute a multi-million dollar art theft from their college library. Think of it as “Ocean's 11” featuring a cast of Seth Rogen and pals.

Also Playing:


It's hard to believe, but this Ed Helms-starring comedy really is (loosely) based on the true story of a group of prep school friends from Spokane, Washington, who have continued a game of tag stretching on three decades.

“Ocean's 8”

This all-woman reboot of the “Ocean's 11” franchise stars heavy-hitter actresses such as Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling.

“Hotel Artemis”

Jodie Foster stars as “The Nurse,” who, at some point in a near, dystopian future, runs a 13-story, member-only hospital for criminals, where the worst of the worst can safely recover from injuries without fear of arrest. Think of it as a futuristic Motel 6.


Director Ron Howard, who was enlisted after the project had kicked off under directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, doesn't take many risks. “Solo” is an effective and entertaining space western, though it is among the lightest offerings yet for “Star Wars.” (3 stars)

Alive Recommends:

“Incredibles 2”

Director Brad Bird keeps the animated Pixar sequel humming along at a great pace, alternating between some really fun and thrilling action sequences, a warm-hearted and relatable family story, and abundant laughs. (4 stars)

“First Reformed”

Taking ample character and thematic inspiration from Ingmar Bergman's “Winter Light,” director Paul Schrader explores the backdrop of religion with expected cynicism, while star Ethan Hawke delivers one of the best performances of his career. (5 stars)


Writer-director Ari Aster creates an astounding debut here, one that acknowledges its horror influences before twisting our expectations in terrifying ways. (5 stars)