From local record stores to an un-flashy eatery

Laser De Rouen is a Cajun crust punk who transplanted to Columbus from the swamps in 1998. A member of several local punk bands past and present (Nukkehammer, Killed in Action, etc.), and former owner of Dreadful Sounds, he has recently crossed over into the DJ game,forming The CCCP (Columbus Crowd Control Posse) with his DJ partner, Pencil. The CCCP spins '80s electro and other dance jams, and you can catch them in action Thursday, June 21, at the Summit for a Pre-ComFest party, along with several local bands. Here are a few things he loves.

Columbus record stores

We have great record stores here, owned and operated by some of the friendliest folks, including Used Kids, Lost Weekend, Elizabeth's and Spoonful Records, just to name a few. Plus, there is a dollar sale or record swap almost every month or so, making Columbus a great town for crate digging.

Cafe Bourbon St./Pierogi Mountain

Bourbon St. is my kinda place. It's just enough of a dive to keep cowards at bay, plus cheap beer and diverse clientele and events. And with Pierogi Mountain serving up the grub, you cannot go wrong. It's seriously some of the best food in the city (for vegans too!).

The DIY music scene

The DIY scene here waxes and wanes, and is certainly far from perfect, but there are lots of great bands and people involved. Punk, metal, noise, hip-hop and everything else you can imagine come together to make Columbus' scene one of the most diverse I've ever encountered.

Tee Jaye's Country Place

Y'all can keep your artisan breakfast joints with terrible names, I'll be at Tee Jaye's (4910 N. High St.). The staff is the best, and the diner always has sweet tea, even for breakfast.

Collecting obsolete media formats

My wife, Leigh, and I collect all kinds of old media formats, from records and VHS to beta and laserdisc. Columbus is a great place to hunt for deals on cool, vintage stuff.