Picks from “the third best cover band in town”

The Winnie Cooper Project is a '90s hip-hop cover band that has been together since 2010. Formed originally as an acoustic duet with local attorneys Alex Hastie and Matt Crumpton, the full band has had the same members since its first show at Park Street Tavern. Drummer Tim Baumann, guitarist Rob Hedge, singer Stephanie Rogers, guitarist Jake Reis and multi-instrumentalist and rapper Parker Norvell round out the band. The group plays mostly festivals, but will make a rare club appearance at Woodlands Tavern in Grandview on Tuesday, July 3. The show is a great alternative to dealing with the Red, White & Boom craziness, or just come by after the fireworks. The free show, which starts at 8 p.m., should bring you back to the days of AOL Instant Messenger, President Bill Clinton and the golden era of rap. Here are a few things the band loves.

Harmony Project

Everything they do is so epic, and they're spreading a message of love and acceptance that resonates with everyone who sees them perform. Stephanie sings with Harmony Project, and we see all the awesome work they're doing in the community. The group's performances will move you ... or you're just a heartless weirdo.


Our late-night guilty pleasure is eating at DP Dough on campus after a show. Order a Drop Zone or a Combat Zone. They'll bring it to your door no matter what time it is, no questions asked.

Local T-shirts

Our guitar player, Rob Hedge, has a great T-shirt company: Mysterioso Rock Art. We are always wearing our "Believe in Local Music" T-shirt. Not to mention, the company sells the only licensed Winnie Cooper Project tee, which reads, "3rd Best Cover Band in Town."

Spreading the love of music

Three of our members are on the board of this awesome charity, Music Loves Ohio. MLO gives instruments to Columbus-area students that otherwise couldn't afford them, and provides financial assistance to the music education in Central Ohio's classrooms. Saxophones and keyboards aren't cheap, but Music Loves Ohio raises money and then gives them away to deserving youths. If you've got an instrument gathering dust, contact the MLO crew and they'll give it an awesome new home.

Ohio history

History wasn't our favorite subject in high school but our singer, Alex, has an Ohio history podcast called "Ohio v. the World" that the whole band listens to. He's somehow managed to make history interesting. Check out the premiere episode about the Kent State shootings and get your learn on.