X-rated rapper is also a documentarian

CupcakKe spells her stage name with a pair of Ks, though it could just as easily be three Xs. The Chicago rapper, born Elizabeth Harris, specializes in sexually explicit cuts one could envision walking through a pair of swinging saloon doors in order to access. Indeed, when she asks, “Can I measure it with a ruler, papi chula?” on “Cumshot,” a single off her 2017 full-length, Queen Elizabitch, it's immediately apparent that she's not engaged in a home construction project.

But CupcakKe also has an alluring documentarian side that emerges on songs like album highlight “Scraps,” on which her forward momentum carries her beyond a past marked by poverty. “Me and best friend sharing clothes/That's how the shit go,” she raps. “I don't stop. I just go.”