Tiny Telephone proprietor hits the road for series of intimate shows

Last year, John Vanderslice celebrated the 20th anniversary of Tiny Telephone, his San Francisco studio that has seen a steady stream of indie-rock acts employing its services over those two decades. (In 2016 Vanderslice also expanded, opening a new Tiny Telephone in Oakland.)

All along the way Vanderslice has been writing and recording his own (impeccably engineered) off-kilter pop songs. In 2013 he released Dagger Beach, a record inspired by a breakup that sent him into the woods for hundreds of miles of hiking. On the trails, he listened intently to Radiohead, Joanna Newsom and Silver Jews, and experiencing those artists helped force him out of songwriting ruts. For Dagger Beach Kickstarter supporters, Vanderslice also recorded a track-for-track version of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs.

Vanderslice is currently on an Undertow living room tour; once tickets are purchased from the website, the full address of the show will be provided. (Safe bet)