Will Toledo revives and reworks beloved album 'Twin Fantasy'

In 2011, Will Toledo uploaded the album Twin Fantasy, a record he started when he was 17, on Bandcamp. Under the name Car Seat Headrest, the album soon became a cult favorite in certain corners of the internet (which, it's helpful to remember, is also the real world). Twin Fantasy, along with several other self-made albums Toledo recorded on his own (often singing vocal takes in his car), led to a deal with big-time indie label Matador Records.

In the Matador contract, Toledo stipulated that, in addition to his first two records (2015's Teens of Style and 2016's Teens of Denial), he would also re-record and reimagine Twin Fantasy — a project that came to fruition earlier this year. While it's nothing new for Toledo to take an old song and rework it, Twin Fantasy is his first wholesale remake, and it's a smashing success. The whole thing brims with the same youthful energy, smirky quirks and huge hooks as the original but in a higher fidelity.

Toledo has said that when he first wrote Twin Fantasy, “I thought it was a tragedy. But I had to throw that out, because the actors couldn't keep a straight face.” That sense of humor keeps Toledo's emotive tendencies reined in, ensuring that no matter how desperate a line like “We said we hated humans; we wanted to be human” comes across, there's plenty of light peeking through. (Don't miss it)