Brewery debuts its full line of sour offerings

Random Precision Brewing opened its doors on St. Patrick's Day 2018. It's one of two Columbus breweries, along with Pretentious Barrel House, dedicated exclusively to sour beers. Owner and brewer Jason Grable opened the brewery with three house beers: a Brett IPA and two versions of a Berliner Weisse. But this past weekend saw a roster of seven new sours finally hit the taps.

Grable flavored two versions of his golden ale, Unforeseen Consequences, with apricots and raspberries, respectively. “Everything I read before opening the brewery said those flavors seemed tried and true,” Grable said. “I found they turned out well; the red raspberry was the frontrunner.”

He did the same with his red ale, Passage of Time, which is enhanced with both red tart cherry and black currants. “The black currant was kind of a, ‘I think this should work?'” he joked. “But a lot of people were liking it.”

“I was most excited for the sour stout, Obscuration,” Grable added. “That was one of the first sours I made as a homebrewer. We did one with plum [and] one with cocoa nibs. They turned out so well. … Before I added anything, it had a cherry pie flavor. Adding the plum and cocoa nibs complemented those underlying flavors.”

Grable also aged a batch of the golden ale in a tequila barrel and added lime-infused sea salt. He named the beer Plethora of Pinatas, from “The Three Amigos.” “I was blown away that beer name wasn't taken, so I snagged it,” he said, and laughed. “When I got the barrel it was damp and there was still liquid in it. I didn't rinse it; I just instantly put the beer in there. Around Cinco de Mayo, I was testing the tequila barrel every day. I said, ‘Let's just wait and make sure it's as good as it can be.'”

A recent Saturday release party was busy, according to Grable. “I ended up bar backing most of the night,” he said. “A lot of people were doing flights of all seven sours. At one point, I was going around cherry-picking any empty flight glass. I'd rinse it [and] the bartender would grab it and fill it back up.”

Grable will keep the new roster of beers running as long as he can, but has plans to create more blends and infusions. “I have a laundry list of different flavors I want to try,” he said.