A rundown of select concerts taking place Dec. 13-22

Dec. 13

Micah Schnabel at Rumba Cafe

Charles Wesley Godwin at Rambling House

Whirlybirds at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Dec. 14

The Randys at Ace of Cups

The Castros at A&R Bar

G.S. Schray, Mike Shiflet, Sam Craighead at Dirty Dungarees

Like Moths to Flames at Skully's Music-Diner

The Bottle Rockets at Rumba Cafe

Steve Poltz at Stuart's Opera House

Clash-a-thon at Big Room Bar

Kitschy at Spacebar

Phil Clark and the Soul at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Dec. 15

Cliffsmas: Van Dale, Cliffs at Spacebar

Ma Rainey at Rumba Cafe

Sgt. Peppercorn's Marathon at the Bluestone

Over the Rhine at Southern Theatre

Figgy Fest at Ace of Cups

Doobie at Newport Music Hall

Druid at Tree Bar

Dec. 16

The Outer Vibe at Rumba Cafe

The Devil Wears Prada at Newport Music Hall

Dec. 17

The Apostles at Woodlands Tavern

Doc Rotten at Tree Bar

Dec. 18

Tony Monaco Trio at Rumba Cafe

Dec. 19

Jason D Williams at Rumba Cafe

Karr Street Band at Woodlands Tavern

Roze at Skully's

Little Lawnmowers at Tree Bar

Chirp at Woodlands Tavern

Dec. 20

Genevieve at the Basement

The Spikedrivers at Rumba Cafe

Freekbass & the Bump Assembly at Woodlands Tavern

Dec. 21

Cousin Simple at the Basement

The Floorwalkers at Rumba Cafe

Dec. 22

Malibu Stasi tape release at Dirty Dungarees

Parker Louis Holiday Show at Skully's

Benjamin Cartel at Spacebar

Mummula album release show at Tree Bar

The Floorwalkers at Rumba Café