Form and concept go hand-in-hand for artist in new body of work

You won't recognize the scenery in Kelly Olshan's “Reimagined Landscapes.” The dreamed-up spaces — some angular and jarring, others warm and appealing, all compelling and challenging — use the language of architecture to create fanciful 2D and 3D scenes.

The work, made beginning in 2015, includes some literal reimagining if not literal landscapes. It has also evolved — earlier pieces reinterpreted and reassembled, adjusting the tone from one of “ambition” to one of “the ardor and struggle of climbing,” Olshan wrote in a late-December email exchange. “Through the process of reimagining previous works, I've increasingly begun to think of everything I make as one interrelated painting.”

Thick boards, painted, cut, distressed and overlaid, speak to both form and purpose.

“I actually believe that formal versus conceptual decisions are a false distinction. Artists have all the imagery and media in the world to choose from (barring physical and monetary limitations) and we make certain choices. Those choices are telling,” Olshan wrote.

The exhibition continues through Jan. 26. Olshan will also serve as guest juror for the gallery's eighth annual “Young Hearts” exhibition in February.