The rapper loves Used Kids, dance parties and Prince, among other things

Devin Xo is a Columbus-based rapper and producer. Born in Upstate New York, Xo creates uplifting and inspirational music that is introspective, quirky and reflective of his core motto: “Give love." The musician is set to perform during the next Pipeline concert, which takes place Friday, Jan. 11, at Wild Goose Creative in North Campus. Here are a few things Xo loves.

He is my biggest inspiration musically. From his songwriting to his production, he is the reason why I picked up the guitar and began re-learning music theory and truly exploring music.

HIPS is an R&B-focused dance party held the second Saturday of every month at Brothers Drake Meadery. It's by far one of my favorite parties. When I go, I'm guaranteed to lose my voice by the end of the night from singing so loud.

Blvck Ice
A monthly dance party/music event that's centered around the innovative dance, music and art of black LGBTQ artists. It's one of the first parties in Columbus that I went to, and it's definitely the most welcoming event in terms of environment.

This is my favorite juice bar in Columbus. The Nutty Dragon smoothie bowl is my favorite thing to eat, and on top of that they have great sandwiches and desserts. Definitely a must try if you're into eating healthy.

Used Kids
Used Kids is by far my favorite record store. I've spent a lot of money buying records here. They have a great selection of jazz, Brazilian and funk records that I dig through to find new music.