Pair from Columbus band plan art show

No, you haven't accidentally turned to a page in the music section. Beth Murphy and Adam Elliott, likely known to you as two-thirds of local lo-fi outfit Times New Viking, are having an art show.

This work can't be viewed as somehow separate or removed from the pair's musical output. Indeed, both consider this work of the same inspiration as any art they've made, be it visual or sonic.

“The art informed the band. You can see ‘TNV influences' in each of our individual bodies of work,” Murphy wrote in an email. “The show represents what we've been working on lately, which ultimately is more of the same image-making processes we've always used.”

“Consider my work promotional art for imaginary album campaigns,” Elliott wrote. “There is imagery, though extremely tiny and hard to find, that has been used in TNV stuff, kind of like nonsensical symbols. I still work with the same approach we had then — cheap, efficient and random.”