The rapper and sometimes poet loves late-night grub from Exotic Latino Grill and rapper Jae Esquire, among other things

Dug (Doug Gamble) is a rapper and occasional spoken word poet who has been performing in Columbus and elsewhere for more than 10 years. Best known for his participation in the hip-hop/indie-rock band Happy Tooth & Dug, he also performs solo and as part of the Utopiugly, a Midwest music collective. He recently released a new album, Dog, and is celebrating with an album release show on Friday, Jan. 18, at the Tree Bar. Here are a few things Dug loves.

Bossy Grrl's Music & Comedy Open Mic
Columbus has a variety of great open mics, but Tuesday at Bossy Grrl's is the one I come back to the most. The hosts, Chris “Gillie” Gillikin for the comedy, and Squirple (Lethal FX and Blair Lehmkuhl) for the music, are engaging and fun, and the atmosphere is laid back.

Jae Esquire
One of the best rappers and live performers in the city, and she also somehow manages to be a producer and a DJ and a radio personality and a teacher and a reminder to the rest of us that human potential is limitless.

Ceschi runs the independent label Fake Four, as well as performing solo and with more bands than I could name. He raps, sings, plays guitar and puts out an enormous amount of content in the face of seemingly constant adversity. He's also renowned as a really kind and caring dude. One time I saw him (accidentally) put his foot right through his acoustic guitar onstage in the middle of a tour, and before almost immediately resuming his song he did his best to comfort the audience about what had happened and assure us that it was going to be OK. I don't know what the DIY music world did to deserve him, but we're lucky to have him.

Community Pride
My favorite thing about 2018 was Community Pride, a grassroots LGBTQ Pride event that grew as a response to the arrest and subsequent events surrounding the Black Pride 4, and also the larger structural lack of representation and resources for people of color within the Columbus LGBTQ community. While there's still plenty of work to be done in that regard, seeing my friends and neighbors come together to do what they could to address these issues was amazing and I hope to see it continue.

Exotic Latino Grill
This is the food truck in the parking lot of the 14-0 near the intersection of Hudson and Summit streets. The truck sells burritos as big as your head and is open well after the bars close. Good food, and cheap. If you've been there, you already know.