Creative Women of Color exhibition encourages connections

Leave it to the members of Creative Women of Color to be thoughtful and encouraging in making art that addresses profound issues in our culture. As in the Biblical story of Esther, who, with some help, recognizes that she found herself in a unique position to effect cultural change, the artists of CWOC see themselves in a place from which they have something to offer us.

“‘A Time Such As This' speaks to the need for connections,” Curator Barbara Clark said. “What is needed for the people in ‘A Time Such As This' to be strong, healthy and vibrant? One answer is to reach back to where we came from: Reconnect, honor and heal past broken relationships of those whose shoulders we are standing on, [and] be our best selves in the present moment so that we can reach forward to help build positive futures for those who come behind us.”

Sixteen artists are represented in this exhibition, which also features a collaborative piece by Rise Sister Rise Black Girl Think Tank. “A Time Such as This” opens this weekend at the Martin de Porres Center, where it continues through March 14.