Percussionists pervasive in pop culture

Drummer/composer Mark Lomax has pulled off the gargantuan task of writing and recording a 12-album cycle and releasing the entire thing on the same day.

In a similarly monumental undertaking, Alive ranks fictional drummers.

Raijin, unranked
To show drumming's cultural significance beyond popular culture, here is the Shinto god (or spirit) of thunder and lightning. His awesome countenance is depicted in art from ancient sculpture to modern anime. Shinto is still the most-practiced religion in Japan, so let's not be hasty in declaring him fictional.

11. Guy Patterson
Drummer as viable leading man? Drummer as good guy? Tom Everett Scott's character in “That Thing You Do” flies in the face of all the tropes, but the movie is so charming that Patterson earns a spot.

10. Pickles
Dethklok's drummer seems to have serious musical chops and some ability to actually relate to other people, but he's troubled by substance abuse issues.

9. Andrew Neiman
The 2014 film “Whiplash” may have oversimplified some of the jazz-ness of its story, but it's the relationship between this prodigious talent (portrayed by Miles Teller) and his would-be mentor and tormentor Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) that makes this film work.

8. Lane Kim
Stars Hollow's resident underground music fan was desperate to rock out, calling playing drums “the number one item on my cosmic to-do list” in an episode of “Gilmore Girls.” She'd never been in a band, and she couldn't afford a drum set, but her passion made it happen.

7. Anthony “Man” Stoner
Needless to say, drumming isn't the primary interest of Tommy Chong's character in “Up in Smoke,” a foundational piece of stoner cinema.

6. Russel Hobbs
His skill on the skins and history in the rap scene helps give Gorillaz its hip-hop bona fides.

5. Melody Valentine
I grew up on the animated “Josie and the Pussycats” rather than the 2001 film re-boot in which Tara Reid plays the band's drummer. Both drummer and blonde tropes abound.

4. Elizabeth Preston
Or Princess Elizabeth. Can you imagine leaving out the Wyld Stallyns drummer, given the band's impact in the future?

3. Devon Miles
Nick Cannon's character in “Drumline” may be drawn as a standard modern antihero, but the film shed a broader light on the longstanding importance of the marching band in the culture of the HBCU. And there is some serious drumming happening in here.

2. John Stumpy Pepys/Eric “Stumpy Joe” Childs/Peter “James” Bond, et al
It's a dangerous proposition, playing drums in Spinal Tap.

1. (drumroll, please) Animal
Could there be another at the top? Make sure you check his drum battle with Buddy Rich.