Former Gaunt guitarist and current Scrawl drummer takes on the role of taxi driver in new video directed by 26 Aries

In this week's cover story, Jovan Karcic reveals how he felt "pulled" toward making new solo album 2015, which he recorded in between customers at his Columbus coffee shop, Yeah, Me Too. The Scrawl drummer and former Gaunt guitarist doesn't do interviews often, especially about his own music, but something about this solo album compelled him to try new things.

To wit: Karcic made a video for one of the 2015 songs, linking up with Irene Kim Chin and Kurt Vincent of 26 Aries, the NYC-based filmmakers responsible for "Friends of Wonder" (a Kurt Vile/Courtney Barnett doc) and "The Lost Arcade," about the community around the last arcade in New York City.

"I have known Kurt P. Vincent since the '90s, but his dad comes to the coffee shop and buys coffee on a regular basis, and he kept me in the loop as to what Kurt was doing in New York as far as filmmaking," said Karcic, who reached out to Vincent about making a video for "King," the lead-off track on 2015 that describes a ruler who just wants to be part of the masses. "I want to roam/And feel the stones/Blend in with people/Common, anonymous," Karcic sings.

The video opens with Karcic playing the role of late-night taxi driver, wearing a "KING CAB" cap and messing with a toothpick. As the night progresses, various riders end up in the backseat, and they all look suspiciously like him. 

"The idea for the video is that the king from the song ... comes down from his castle and drives a taxi cab," Karcic said. "He picks up other characters from the album, like the character from 'Tumbleweed,' the character from 'Lesserman,' the character from 'Gambler's Dream' [and] the character from 'Echo Echo.'"

Jovan's brother, musician/actor/urban farmer Milan Karcic, convincingly plays his double (and also plays guitar on the track). Check out the moody, captivating video below.

2015 is out now on Scioto Records.