Podcast celebrates its second anniversary with a live taping at Wild Goose

Podcast celebrates its second anniversary with a live taping at Wild Goose

Scrolling through social media, Madeline Stecz and Kelsey Burkin noticed post after post from friends celebrating new jobs, moves to different cities and acceptance into various graduate programs, which prompted the pair to seek out its own adventure.

Stecz and Burkin graduated from Ohio University and moved to Columbus in 2017, where they started Bitch Kitty Podcast, a platform built on celebrating the truth about their lives and the lives of others.

“You don't necessarily have to take the path of going to school, going to college, graduating, getting a job,” Stecz said. “We're making this space where you shouldn't feel shitty if you're still in the service industry or you're not doing what your parents want you to do.”

Created in the same Short North living room in which they record their interviews, the first episode of the podcast dropped in June 2017. Two years later, the duo has gone from hosting friends to cultivating a regular schedule of creatives, entrepreneurs and musicians who drop by and share their stories.

It's a sense of community the two have searched for since departing Athens for Columbus.

“We live in [Columbus] and we don't know a lot about it. Why don't we know a lot about it? It's because we're not connecting with people, or we're not going to local places,” Stecz said. “It transformed into reaching out to people — creatives and artists — just to be like, ‘Hey, what do you contribute to the community and why? Why do you do it?'”

Bitch Kitty Podcast is holding a live episode recording at Wild Goose on Thursday, May 30, as a way to connect more deeply with its fan base and past guests, while also celebrating the work the duo has produced.

“It's almost been exactly two years since we started the podcast,” Stecz said. “So it's one of those things, too, just celebrating all the hard work that we're doing [and] all the listeners that we gained.”

Musician Elijah Banks, who Stecz and Burkin interviewed in a past episode, will round out the evening with a performance following the guest panel.

Much like the podcast itself, Burkin and Stecz won't follow a strict script for the live recording, opting to stick to a general structure of events so that the conversation occurs organically, however imperfect it might be.

“We don't want it to be perfect. We want it to be us,” Burkin said.

As the two look back on their time hosting Bitch Kitty Podcast, they struggle to pick favorite interviews or moments, though the extra reflection has given the duo a similar sense of pride as the friends who they once noticed sharing life achievements on social media.

“There's a lot of fulfillment that this podcast has brought for both of us,” Burkin said. “It's expanded our community. It's expanded our circle and the way we think.”