Columbus-via-Athens dream-pop act digs 'Twin Peaks' and camping

The Crooked Spines are a dream-pop band that formed five years ago in Athens, Ohio. After releasing two EPs and a full-length album, Canyons, the Crooked Spines played extensively throughout the Midwest markets. The band just released its second full-length, Coyote Laugh, on May 17; it's available digitally via all major streaming services. The Crooked Spines recently relocated to make Columbus its home base. Here are a few things Crooked Spines singer/guitarist Conor Stratton loves.

Putting on shows
I am actually in love with putting on shows. I run a festival in Yellow Springs called Springsfest that is a huge part of my life outside of playing live. Crooked Spines bassist Wes Gilbert is also the festival manager. It's very important to us to listen to new bands and support them through hosting shows and spreading their music. If you're up for some great bands, beer and a day in Yellow Springs, you should check the festival out in July!

“Twin Peaks”
I'm a massive fan of the series “Twin Peaks.” I got turned on to it a few years ago and have probably re-watched the entire series like 10 times since. It's one of my favorite things ever. Also, Studio 35 somehow managed to get the actors who played Laura Palmer and Leland Palmer to come to a screening of “Fire Walk with Me,” and I'm kind of freaking out about it still. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to learn the different theme songs on piano, and I also just scored the complete first season on VHS from the Punk Rock Pawn Shop at Ace of Cups for $20.

Nothing in the world is better than getting lost in the woods with some friends and enjoying nature. I recently turned 27, and for my birthday a bunch of my friends and I went over to Athens and camped at Strouds Run State Park. I was just full of joy the entire time. I'm hoping I get to do some backpacking this summer.

Side projects
I've always loved the thrill of mixing up musical circles and creating side projects for no other reason than to make different music and see how it turns out. It's such a fun experience, and what it generates always surprises me. I'm constantly surrounded by friends that are stellar musicians, and it's fun to get to share creative space with them.