Immersive installation comfortable in exploring duality

Greg Ito's grandparents were held in internment camps in the U.S. during World War II. In fact, that time and place are where his mother's parents met, and where their love blossomed.

You might not be surprised that Ito's art practice frequently deals in dichotomy and duality. For example, an image of smoke rising — a recurring piece of Ito's visual language — can be “either a sign of disaster or a signal from another person,” the Los Angeles-based artist said in a phone interview.

Ito's installations, built using original paintings around which Ito creates an immersive environment, are similarly open to interpretation.

“It's presented through my lens, but it's not offering a specific message or directive,” Ito said of “A Swamp Tale,” which will be installed at No Place gallery beginning Saturday, June 15. “The swamp is the tide of all these things that we all have to wade through to navigate our lives. My work is just saying, ‘Hey, these things exist. What choices are we going to make to move forward with a purpose?'”