Painting on bodies supports breast cancer nonprofit

When Caroline Hamilton first had her chest painted at Breaststrokes Knoxville, she couldn't have known. The event, a DIY fundraiser for local women with breast cancer, was organized by some artist friends of Hamilton's, and she participated in support of the effort and of the women it would benefit.

Fast forward five years, and Hamilton has had two bouts of breast cancer and 29 surgeries (with one more to come). Her first diagnosis came only months after relocating to Columbus from Tennessee; Hamilton figures she spent most of her first three years in Ohio in bed.

Now nearly two years in remission, Hamilton is bringing Breaststrokes to Columbus. The event, which will feature food trucks, beer, live music, drag and other performers, centers on women paying $10 to have their chest painted by one of seven local artists.

Cancer patients “have enough shit to deal with. Until we can fix it, let's at least help people get through it,” said Hamilton, who hopes to raise enough funds to support five local women via a check with no strings attached.