Vampires and pinball and music, oh my

Myra Power is a veteran musician who began her career in Washington, D.C., writing songs and playing bass in the famed Dischord Records band Slant 6. After a 20-year break from music, she resides in Columbus and has put together a new project called Thee Thee's. A split 7-inch is to arrive on Lost Weekend Records later this year.

Power is booking a series of benefit concerts for Women Have Options Ohio, which helps connect those needing abortion to financial assistance. The first Women Have Options Benefit Show is at Ace of Cups on Saturday, June 22, featuring Scrawl, Thee Thee's, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Egon Gone and the Sun Dogs, Sex Tide, comedy MC Pat Deering and guest speakers from Women Have Options.

Here are a few things Myra Power loves.

Pinball and arcade games
I spend my time and quarters feeling electric playing my pinball games. Elvira, Mars Attacks, Batman, Dark Knight, Alice Cooper and Tales from the Crypt can be found at different Columbus locations like Sideswipe, Ace of Cups, Old North Arcade and 16-Bit. I have an imaginary Capcom bowling league where you might just find me and my best friend forever in our matching league jackets with bowling ball bag in tow.

Columbus music
I moved from London, England, to Columbus in order to open Double Happiness (RIP) with Yalan Papillons. This is where I met most of my friends and decided I wanted to play music again after a 20-year break. I had previously been in bands, but none felt right like our girl gang, Slant 6, until I started Thee Thee's. I try and pop out to see weird touring bands and locals at clubs like Dirty Dungarees, Cafe Bourbon Street/The Summit and Ace of Cups, who in turn support and host my new project.

Used goods
I worked at a variety of resale clothing stores in New York and Los Angeles. I love digging for good trash to rehash. I shop at a variety ofthrift and toy stores, including Big Fun toys in Columbus and Rebel Toys in Delaware. I also love searching through records at Lost Weekend and Used Kids. It's great! A much better way to spend my time than at bingo or walking laps at the mall.

Schiller Park in German Village is my local and favorite quick getaway. Lots of puppers, and you can occasionally catch a guy who walks around the park with a black cat riding on his shoulder. Picnics, sunshine, squirrels, flower gardens, ducks and butterflies.

Vampire movies
From the classics like “Nosferatu” and Bela Lugosi's “Dracula,” to the outlandish and hilarious “Vampire in Brooklyn” (Eddie Murphy as a suave, hip vamp) and “Vampire's Kiss” (Nick Cage screaming, “I AM A VAMPIRE!” and donning plastic teeth), I love seeking out and watching every vampire movie I can.