Local art-pop act digs Sade, rest, bleep-blorp machines and filmmakers who don't roll with the punches

Art-pop group Son of Dribble began as a home recording project for Andy Clager and Darren Latanick in late 2015. The lineup was solidified as Vicky Mahnke joined in 2017. The band has released a record and two tapes on the World of Birds imprint and continues to semi-regularly rumble through nightclubs, house shows, art galleries, children’s parties and more. Son of Dribble takes the stage Friday, June 28, at Cafe Bourbon Street with Chicago’s Tijuana Hercules and Pittsburgh’s Water Trash. Here are some of the band’s inspirations. 

Some current and forever faves are “Zama,” “Blade,” “Blade II,” “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” and director Bruno Dumont. We recently went to see the new Carlos Reygadas film when he was in town. During the Q&A session, Darren asked him about shooting on location and we learned that the acclaimed director had never heard the term “roll with the punches.” 

You can’t beat a good blooper, a clang-a-bang, a faller-downer. We try not to practice too much so that our live show always has room for improvisation/disaster. It’s a vital component of entertainment. We enjoy stumbling into a hardcore melody or inviting friends onstage to dress as ghosts and play tambourine. A touch of absurdity can go a long way. One time we were walking in a park in Cincinnati and discovered a statue of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf wearing a party hat. It was fantastic. 

Finding new sounds
Several years ago a mysterious man handed Andy a homemade cassette recording of a spiritual gathering of sorts that consisted of a blown-out organ and various people shouting. We sampled that on our first record. Vicky recently acquired an antique bleep-blorp machine that we’ll be using. At times we’ve played a tape recorder during our set that contains random field recordings collected over the last decade. We intend to make a whole record that is only the sound of boots walking on a gravel path. When you take these peripheral sounds and change the context they can become very hypnotic and exotic. 

The brain lives inside the body. The body won’t last forever. You gotta get some rest. Sit in silence and stare at a blank wall. Spend some time on the ground, feeling around for bumps and cracks. You don’t want to become the ground; not just yet.

Have you ever heard Sade?