Musical revue presents slice of life from a woman's point of view

Columbus Civic Theater presents this musical revue of 21 slice-of-life songs and scenes, assembled by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd in 1983. “A… My Name is Alice” features contributions from pre-“Friends” Marta Kauffman and David Crane, pre-“My So-Called Life” Winnie Holzman and a gaggle of other New York-based creatives.

Presented by a five-woman cast (Abby Dorn, Kara Hancock, Katie Haught, Britt Kline and Joyce Patrone), the scenes tackle all manner of material. Each scene stands on its own, but CCT director Kerry Shanklin said there's an obvious through line.

“We're seeing the world through a woman's experience,” Shanklin said. “The songs are sometimes risque, sweet or serious, and we get to see these women be beautiful, sad and funny.”

One song, for example, chronicles a lifelong friendship between two women as their relationship and lives change through the years, from childhood through the death of one in old age. This touching scene is juxtaposed against comic moments (“There's some godawful poetry,” Shanklin said) and some more painful experiences.

“It makes you feel things,” Shanklin said.