Local hip-hop act loves God and burgers

Label me lecter is an alternative hip-hop act from Columbus. Created in 2013, rapper/producer Brian Penn decided to start a band after ending his career as a solo artist. He approached his good friend and drummer/producer Michael Ristand the duo was set. Upbeat production, precise wordplay that delivers true-to-life content, live drums, piano notes, mid-song breakdowns and fun choruses is the LML sound.

After two years of writing and recording, the band released its debut EP, sirens x silence, in March of 2016. Label me lecter's honesty and self-awareness seem to resonate with listeners. In 2018, the band released its sophomore EP, Dreams," and this year label me lecter is booking shows and starting on a full-length album.

The band will perform on Saturday, Aug. 10, at FrontStage Fest on the outdoor stage at CD102.5. Here are a few things label me lecter loves.


First and foremost, we owe this all to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The short journey we've been on has been nothing short of amazing, and we owe it all to Him. A long time ago we decided we were only going to make music for the right reasons, and that's using the gifts He's blessed us with for Him.

Spending time with our beautiful ladies

Brittany (Brian's girlfriend) and Kaitlin (Michael's fiancée) are truly our better halves. Their constant love, support and encouragement is what keeps us moving forward and continues to drive us to be better people. Regardless if it's riding a scooter through Downtown or lounging at home in sweatpants watching Netflix, being with them is our favorite thing in the world.

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We strongly believe this is what both of us were put on this earth to do. It doesn't matter if we're playing in front of 5 people or 500 people, the rush we get from live performances is unmatched. There's something to be said about being vulnerable with your music and not only letting the world hear it, but also see it through your energy.

Enjoying a late night Press Burger

There's nothing like diving into a double Press Burger with bacon on a weeknight, especially when you're in the company of people you love. Press Grill in the Short North is our jam. The food. The staff. The cozy dining area. Everything about it makes it our favorite place. This is the best burger Columbus has to offer. On record.

Columbus Music Commission's Music Business Mondays

We started attending these monthly music meetings when they launched a few months ago. The overall support the local music scene receives from the city of Columbus is truly incredible, and it's amazing to see what the Columbus Music Commission is doing and plans to do for the local musicians/artists in our city. Each month we look forward to learning from the industry's finest, as well as network with our peers.