Emily Alone, the new album from Florist, is an intimate document of Emily Sprague’s time spent on her own in Los Angeles last year. “What is my place in this world?” she sings over lightly strummed acoustic guitar on lead track “As Alone,” and that question sums up the soft-spoken searching and yearning sprinkled throughout the record.

“Today I’ll Have You Around” feels like a struggle to come to grips with the inherited traits coursing through Sprague's veins. She doesn’t want to let them take over completely (“Your blood is my demons/Every two years I kill them”), but she has to acknowledge their presence even as she fights to remain her own person: “My mind is still my mind.” In the end, she comes to a temporal, plainspoken peace with the demons: “Today, I’ll have you around.”

Sprague is a master of using casually poetic language to communicate complex feelings. “My life is only a combination of things that I mostly had no control over, and it took me a long time to figure that out,” she sings in “I Also Have Eyes.” That deceivingly difficult skill, along with Sprague’s conversational singing style, has a way of smoothing out life’s wrinkles, even when it’s apparent those folds will reappear the second you put the shirt back on.