In which we rank the week's new films by the quality of their trailers

#1 "Good Boys" (NEW IN THEATERS)

Releasing what appears to be a "Superbad" for tweens seems... risky? But the trailer makes this one look as though it could be a raunchy charmer more in tune with the times than similarly hormonal flicks from the past (see: "Porky's," "American Pie," etc.).

#2 "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" 

Yep, a week later and still unsettling.

#3 "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" (NEW IN THEATERS)

The trailer plays like "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego," minus the barbershop quartet but with more Cate Blanchett. The fact that director Richard Linklater ("Boyhood") is at the helm gives me hope that it's something more.

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#4 "47 Meters Down: Uncaged" (NEW IN THEATERS)

The title alone lets you know that the trailer's innocent opening shot (the cast members cheerfully flip through a pamphlet advertising the opportunity to view sharks in their natural habitat) will take a more ominous turn. And does it ever. The trailer made me think of "Jaws" meets "The Descent," only crappier.

#5 "The Angry Birds Movie 2" (NEW IN THEATERS)

Do you have kids? Do you hate them? Don't miss this one.

#6 "The Art of Racing in the Rain"

Does the dog die in this? Can it?