Lizzo empowers at Express Live outdoors, WonderBus debuts and more

It was a big weekend for music in Columbus, leading with Lizzo, who delivered an empowering 80-minute set at a sold-out Express Live outdoors on Sunday. Here’s a snippet from Alive’s review of the concert:

At another point, Lizzo, who frequently channeled a boisterous if profane life coach, said she wanted to take a moment to connect with the crowd. She followed by summoning all of the “love energy” the universe could muster. “Now put all that love energy right here,” she said, gesturing toward her heart. “Put it between your titties.”

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The city’s newest festival, WonderBus, held its inaugural event on Saturday and Sunday, which Dispatch reviewer Curt Schieber described as “a big success on almost all counts.”

The attendance was an impressive 11,000 for the weekend in a space that can be expanded to 25,000 capacity,” Schieber wrote. “The punishing heat didn’t dampen the spirits of the fans, who clearly responded to the fest’s design and execution. The layout of the site promoted exploration, the vendors, amusements, and a few key organizations playfully spread as if tossed onto a board game surface.

Musical highlights, according to Schieber, included New Orleans musician Trombone Shorty and former Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis, whose songs frequently hinted at classic country.

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Also, over the weekend, a flood of social media posts emerged detailing a small contingent of Proud Boys marching on Sawmill Road in Dublin. Photos show participants, many dressed in the traditional alt-right Proud Boy uniform of black Fred Perry polos, holding flags championing Trump 2020 and the Proud Boys, a national far-right group that held a large-but-abbreviated fascist rally in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday. One marcher also held a “Kekistan” flag, a tribal marker among alt-right types that mimics the design and appearance of a German Nazi war flag. The Dublin location of the meager march shouldn’t surprise; as recently as 2018 the Dispatch reported on the men of the neighborhood warming to President Trump.