The Worn Flints frontman on developing a green thumb and the person behind the best grilled cheese in OTE

Walter Kenneth Stiegele (Kenny) plays in a rock band called the Worn Flints, which headlines the Newport Music Hall on Saturday, Aug. 31, alongside Zoo Trippin', snarls and Girl Fox. Here are a few things he loves:

Upper Cup

I live in Olde Towne East, about a 30 second walk from Upper Cup. Samson, Mickey, Farida, Kindishi and the rest of the staff are amazing, and the coffee is always 10/10. This was the first place that really made me fall in love with OTE, and I always feel welcome and comfortable. I would recommend the Spicy Turkey sandwich or the Grilled Cheese (Kindishi makes it the best). Also, the Iced Caramel latte is liquid gold.

Olde Town Flowers and Gifts

When I'm done with Upper Cup, I walk across the road to Old Towne Flowers and Gifts to see Travis and talk plants. After losing a close family member, I felt very down and out. At that time, Travis got me into plants and helped me learn how to take care of them, which brought me some life. THANK YOU, TRAVIS! Go check out his shop and ask him about plants. You will be happy you did!

The music of Lisa Bella Donna and Stan Smith

Lisa and Stan are my two favorite musicians in the city. Everything they make together (or separately) is breathtaking. I could watch Facebook videos all day of Lisa being an absolute wizard, and her band EYE is one of my absolute all-time favorite Columbus bands. Watching Stan play is watching a master at work. With his passion and humility, he embodies the musician I strive to be one day.

Chris Steris and the Newport

Chris has been an integral part of our management team since almost the beginning. He was the first to take a chance on us and he still puts up with us today. He's been running the shows at Newport for years now, and works hard keeping it one of the best venues in town. As a young Columbus musician, I would dream of having my name on that marquee. It’s an amazing venue run by an amazing dude (who I often beat in Madden at 1 a.m.).


My cat Meatball fell into my lap several years ago and has been my best friend ever since. He was born with his right eye closed, which slowly opened up over time, so now it’s just wonky. He often gets his lip stuck in his snaggletooth, and he’ll look at me like some hairy, insane pirate. Over the years, he's been a cure for loneliness and depression, and this summer he’ll round his 12th birthday (in human years).