The Platform taproom GM loves Two Dollar Radio and thinks the Browns are going to win the Super Bowl this year

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Matt Kopache loves all things Cleveland Sports and OSU #gobrowns #gobucks. He also loves stand-up comedy and has been performing around the city for nearly a decade. As the general manager of Platform Beer Company's Columbus taproom, he’ll take part in a three-on-three Sports & Jorts basketball tournament at Land-Grant Brewing Company in Franklinton on Sunday, Oct. 6. The tourney is a benefit for nonprofit We Amplify Voices (WAV), formerly the Dick & Jane Project, which partners middle school students with local musicians to create radio-worthy songs. Here are a few things Kopache loves.

Two Dollar Radio HQ

It’s the best local bookstore/coffee shop/bar/vegan cafe in town. Founded as a publishing company in 2005, Two Dollar opened this brick and mortar store on Parsons Avenue two years ago. Amazing food, great vibes. I may also run a monthly comedy showcase there.

Lineage Brewing

I could probably write a whole essay about the hand pies. This Clintonville brewery serves really awesome comfort food and great beers. My fiance and I love rolling out of bed and walking over on a lazy Sunday.


I'm currently loving the following podcasts, all of which include my favorite comics: Armchair Expert is fun and super insightful. Boogie Monster feeds into my curiosity about conspiracies and the supernatural, but with the simple premise of two comics just shooting the shit. Pen Pals is a new favorite that I’m currently catching up on #growtheshow.

An Evening with the Burkeys

An extremely fun, perfectly curated comedy show that takes place on the first Friday of every month at Kafe Kerouac and features both local comics and people from out of town.

The Cleveland Browns

I only need one sentence. We're winning the Super Bowl this year. OK, technically that was two sentences. Now we are at three. Oh, no, how does this end? Five.