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New in Theaters

“Gemini Man”

Will Smith plays two versions of himself in this CGI-heavy technical achievement from director Ang Lee: A 51-year-old government operative and his 25-year-old nephew who just taxied in from west Philadelphia, where he was born and raised.

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“The Addams Family”

Kids living in the year 2019 must be stoked for a new animated take on the 1960s TV series.


“Jexi” imagines the movie that “Her” could have been had it been made for morons.

Previously Reviewed

“Brittany Runs a Marathon”

For Brittany, it’s not so much about the physical transformation as it is taking steps into a healthier version of adulthood, one in which her self-image gets the makeover. In a nutshell, she learns how to love herself. (And, yes, there’s even a Lizzo appearance on the soundtrack.) (3 stars)

“Downton Abbey”

It’s certainly got tear-jerker moments, but this is largely a feel-good farewell to fans. I can’t imagine there are many going in cold the way I did, but if you enjoy earnest British-ness, like me, this one’s a winner. (3 stars)


“Hustlers” is a familiar rise-and-fall crime caper concept with some layers, and it manages to say a lot without being preachy. In fact, it’s so consistently entertaining, funny and flashy, you might not even get some of the messages. (4 stars)


“Joker” is also sure to be one of the most divisive movies of the year. Reactions will range from calling it a classic to calling it trash, and there’s a case to be made for everything in between. But it’s a movie where, at least to this critic, the ambitions and audacity outweigh the flaws. (5 stars)


Renee Zellweger dives deep into Garland’s last days. Addiction to alcohol and barbiturates have rendered Garland wildly unpredictable and undependable as a performer, a factor that also led to her decline in Hollywood years prior. Zellweger captures both the gigantic personality of Garland and her deep vulnerability. The performance is plenty big, but she also thrives in the small moments. (3 stars)