Catch the duo at Streetlight Guild on Friday, Oct. 25

Acoustic duo Starlit Ways, formed in 2014, consists of singer/songwriters Rose Nkechi Onyeneho (originally from West Africa, specifically Gabon and Nigeria) and Columbus native Chris Glover. The duo performs an eclectic array of music, ranging from originals to jazz-age classics and modern tunes — all of which will be on display during an 8 p.m. concert at East Side arts space Streetlight Guild on Friday, Oct. 25. Here are a few things the pair loves.

Celine Dion

We were able to catch her live for the first time at the Schottenstein Center last week and it was nothing short of phenomenal! Celine is one of many influences on us and our music, and everything from her work ethic to her song craft is inspiring. To be able to catch her live in Columbus was a dream come true! 

Mario Party

We are both part-time gamers, and one game that helps us unwind is a good ol’ round of Mario Party. We've managed to snatch up all of them, from the classic versions right up to the latest release, and can literally spend hours seeing who is the best of the best.

Short North

The Short North always holds a special place in our hearts because we started our musical journey doing street performances during Gallery Hop! The Short North Alliance, Global Gifts and Tastings Winery (to name a few) have always been major supporters of us, and it's always a pleasure to walk the streets and enjoy the scenery!

The Columbus music community

There is an amazing wealth of music talent right in the heart of Columbus. We’ve been fortunate to be part of a music culture where it’s more about collaboration and support than competition.

Java Central 

This quaint lil’ spot in the heart of downtown Westerville has always been one of our favorite places to hang and perform. A cultivator of local talent in the arts, Java Central not only brews amazing coffee, but is a go-to spot for top-class live music.