With Dollar General's DGX set to open in Downtown Columbus, we look at what other businesses could be forthcoming

This week, the parent company behind Dollar General announced it was bringing the upscale version of its discount store, #branded as DGX, to Columbus Commons.

In an interview with Alive, Alex Marsh, vice president of real estate firm the Robert Weiler Company, stressed the upgrade. “We made sure the word ‘Dollar’ wasn’t used on the signage because we didn’t want it to appear to be a dollar store,” he said. And there’s no chance anyone will make that leap when confronted with a building stamped DGX. (The “D” stands for “Different.”)

In that spirit, we brainstormed other retailers that should join Dollar General (DGX), Taco Bell (Taco Bell Cantina) and Burger King (BK Whopper Bar) in the growing upscale market.


Say goodbye to Subway’s beloved “Come eat our bog meat” slogan. With Metro — a name that nods to Paris’ celebrated public transport system — the corporate folks at Subway have invested in higher-quality deli cuts that aren’t always weirdly moist and somehow just moments from expiration.

A. Crew

Not content with sending out its J team, the clothing retailer finally unleashes its A team in a shop where every item contains a minimum blend of 20 percent cashmere.


There’s no more finger lickin’ at this white glove take from the Colonel, which serves up grouse in lieu of boring old chicken.


Fast food corporation Checkers is playing a whole different game with this high-end eatery, where saying, “King me,” lands diners the restaurant’s celebrated quarter-pound Kobe beef, brie and pear burger.


Think White Castle is no longer hip? Think again. With WCX, the fast food retailer completely remakes its image. As a bonus, the signage no longer says “White” or “Castle,” so consumers will never relate it to the parent company, while the addition of the X reminds everyone that this is less of a burger shop than a trendy, youthful friend. Probably one that skateboards, owns a guitar and cusses in front of their parents.

Ronnie Don’s Café

McDonald’s has long hyped its coffee program, which will take center stage at this new, upscale concept that aims “to make Starbucks look like Starloosechange,” as noted in the press release hyping its creation. (Corporate folks are… not great at humor.) Ronnie Don’s features fully automated service, a wide selection of fair-trade beans and a setting that resembles a Japanese airport terminal crossed with the sleekest of Apple stores.


This upscale shop from the Target team aims to capture the millennial crowd with a name that nods to rapper-turned-snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine (full name of the concept: Target 6ix9ine).


Wendy’s started in Columbus, and so will its big sister restaurant, Gwendolyn’s, which features table service from a red tie-wearing wait staff (a nod to the famed logo’s pig tails) and a menu that no longer features mayonnaise (it’s aioli here, bucko).