Embrace the haze

The songs of Canadian trio Loving exist in that space when you’ve just woken up, but not on a rush-around weekday morning. The vibe evokes the comfortable haze of a lazy weekend morning, when parallel beams of shadow and sun on the wall take the place of EDM iPhone alarms. It’s soft, warm and acceptably confusing.

“I’ve got a vision so clear in my head/It’s a strange kind of prison/It is and it isn’t,” Loving mumble-sings on sepia-toned single “Visions,” released in August. Lyricist Jesse Henderson has said the song “dwells on a question: that if our lives, what we pursue, or even desire, are often shaped or determined by forces beyond us, what kinds of freedom can we find within that?”

Supposedly Jesse Henderson, brother Lucas Henderson and David Parry planted trees together in the forests of Western Canada before forming Loving several years ago. It’s a fitting origin story for the ultra-analog, lo-fi sound of the band’s debut self-titled EP released in the summer of 2016. Loving’s shuffling, psychedelic folk-rock comes coated in a thin layer of dirt and dust, not from neglect but from a willful shrug at the idea of keeping things tidy.

“Visions” and a couple of other recent singles, “Only She Knows” and “Nihilist Kite Flyer,” are from Loving’s forthcoming full-length, If I am only my thoughts, due out in early 2020 on Last Gang Records (A.C. Newman, Operators, Rhye). Catch the band before the hype kicks in at Big Room Bar on Friday night.