The artist formerly known as Flint Eastwood comes to Rumba Cafe, accompanied by Effee's Fran Litterski

Electro-pop musician Jax Anderson, formerly known by the moniker Flint Eastwood, just put out a new EP titled Heal (Neon Gold Records), and in a video for the title track, the Detroit artist filmed herself dancing alone with headphones in an empty room.

Little else happens in the video besides the dancing, but overlayed text tells more of the story. Like when Anderson took her first sip of alcohol, one month shy of 21; she drank whatever the bartender gave her, which happened to be two terrible Long Island iced teas. Or when she drove across the country, singing along to Fleetwood Mac in a Pontiac Vibe.

The anecdotes (mostly) serve to tell the larger story of Anderson’s healing, a process that permeates the songs on the new EP. According to Anderson, she has come to a new understanding of herself, and she’s hoping other people can benefit from the lessons she learned the hard way.

There’s a Columbus tie here, too. Local musician Fran Litterski, whom you may know better as Effee (or as a booker with Celebrity Etc.), has been playing keys with Anderson on the past few tours, and Litterski will again accompany Anderson at a Rumba Cafe show on Friday, Feb. 7.

In lieu of an official music video, check out this recent upload of Anderson performing the song “Scared to Death” live in the Sedona Desert: