The six-piece hip-hop band loves everything from Dirty Dungarees to Dirty Frank's

Happy Tooth and Dug is a six-piece indie hip-hop group from Columbus whose lyrical themes often cover delicate topics such as mental health and self-actualization. The band released its first album, W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y., after forming in 2012. A slew of performances followed in basements, clubs and festivals throughout the Midwest, along with a steady flow of new content, including 2019 EP All in Your Head and a weekly livestream freestyle show called “Satisfactory Raps for the Internet Live.” The group, which performs a dark-but-hopeful blend of hip-hop, indie rock and experimental music, recently released a new single, “Lie Awake,” and are celebrating it with a release show at Spacebar on Saturday, Feb. 8. Here are a few things Happy Tooth & Dug loves.

Dirty Dungarees
It's always been kind of amazing that Columbus has a laundromat that's also a bar. Now that it's also a music venue, it's one of our favorite places to go to a show. The drinks are reasonable, it consistently book quality acts and, well, it's a laundromat with a pool table. Fantastic.


LethalFX is a longtime friend of ours, as well as an excellent event organizer and a borderline superhuman beatboxer. Not only is his music impressive on a technical level, it's genuinely enjoyable and engaging, as well. If you haven't seen him live yet, it's very important that you do that.

Writers’ Block
One of the best and longest running open mics in Columbus. Every Wednesday at Kafe Kerouac, poet Scott Woods (who is also an Alive contributor, check out his column, The Other Columbus, if you haven't), along with co-host Vernell Bristow, run a poetry mic that is unlike anything else in the world. It's a Columbus institution. Happy Tooth and Dug (the band’s eponymous rappers) both got a lot of their early stage experience here and are forever grateful.

Bdotjeff is, in our opinion, one of Columbus' rising talents, and a really good dude besides. We love an energetic live performance, and his are incredible. He also produces, mixes and masters his own music. Check out any of the singles he dropped in 2019, along with 2018 EP Sorry; Awkward while you're at it!

Dirty Frank’s
If we have touring acts coming in from out of town that have never been to Columbus, we either point them to Dirty Frank’s or we just go there with them. They’ve got a hot dog for pretty much any conceivable taste or dietary need, and each one is an experience. They also offer fried leeks, which is not something we knew we were into prior to going there, but they’re delicious.