It's that time of year again

Every publication runs a Best of Columbus poll and most are interchangeable, at least to some degree.

Even just looking at past Alive winners, there’s little to no turnover, meaning that the same businesses generally receive the same awards each year. Well, you might have noticed that Alive looks a bit different these days, no longer being in print and all. In turn, we thought we’d take a slightly different approach to our list of nominees, which should shake up this year’s winners at least a bit. (We also just wanted to have a little fun with some of the questions, because what the hell.)

This means that you might not see a number of regular poll winners in their expected categories (but wait for it, because most of them are in there… eventually), which might frustrate some readers and will certainly irritate some businesses. But we’re OK with that.

The poll closes Thursday, March 19 at 12 p.m.