The space, located on East Long Street, will hold 45 to 55 patrons on most nights

Improv comedy happens in the moment, with individual performers taking a spark of inspiration and spiraling off in whatever direction happens to grab them in that creative instant.

Launching an improv comedy venue, however, requires long months of laborious planning, as local troupe Hashtag Comedy Co. noted in a press release announcing the forthcoming opening of its new Downtown space. “We searched for the right place, in the right area, with the right vibe for nearly two years,” said founding member and co-owner Matthew White in a press statement posted to the Hashtag Comedy site.

The new space, which will hold 45-55 patrons on most nights (with the ability to accommodate up to 90 for special engagements), is slated to open sometime this summer at 346 E. Long St.

The addition of a brick-and-mortar theater space marks a significant advancement for the group, which formed in 2012.

“Opening a space for people to be creative and showcase their comedy has been a dream of ours for nearly our entire time together,” said founding member, co-owner and artistic director Sarah J. Storer. “When this opportunity came to us to open a venue in the heart of the city we love, we knew it was the right time and place to make it happen.”