With Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (temporarily) adopting the name Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony to promote Buffalo Wild Wings, we look at some ways that local artists could cash in

Not all bands are as hungry for those #brand dollars (and boneless wings, apparently) as the Cleveland rap group formerly known as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Regardless, we had a few thoughts on potential pairings should any major corporations start sniffing around Columbus. All it takes is one deal to land us on the marketing map.

Van Dale/Chevrolet

Rebranding the local crew as Chevy Astro Van Dale somehow feels very Dale in its own right.

Counterfeit Madison/Travel Wisconsin

Why settle for a “Counterfeit” when you can visit the real deal?

Brat Curse/Johnsonville Sausage

The scrappy pop-rock band doesn’t even have to change the spelling of its name with this partnership. It merely has to pronounce it with a slightly different inflection. SOMEONE’S COOKING UP JOHNSONVILLE BRA-AAATcurses!

Twenty One Pilots/Pilot

Imagine all of the stores stocking limited-edition 21-packs of Pilot pens.

Doc Robinson/Dr. Scholl’s

Doc Robinson didn’t attend band medical school for seven years to turn around and hawk Mr. Scholl’s.

The Saturday Giant/B&G Foods

The Saturday Green Giant has a nice ring to it.


Those daily diabetic injections will go a little more smoothly with the medical company’s new line of Sa-ringes. 

Bridesmaid/J. Crew

The clothing retailer and go-to for bridesmaid dresses backs up the “Brinkman” truck for the aptly named, appealingly heavy crew.

Happy Tooth & Dug/McDonald’s

The inventively melancholic hip-hop band could inspire an endearingly twisted line of children’s toys in the fast food giant’s new Happy Tooth & Dug Meals.

Carried by Six/Six Flags

The local hip-hop super group heretofore known as Carried By Six Flags says that you have to be this tall in order to ride.

Good Shade/Tree Care Industry Association

Good Shade, meet the best shade.

The Worn Flints/American Zippo Manufacturing Company

At least one of these flints won’t wear.

Bloodthirsty Virgins/Facebook

This is what happens when you throttle Facebook traffic to our site, Zuckerberg.