The 'Mandatory Attendance Tour' hits Columbus on Friday

In a January interview with Nashville Scene, Tim Heidecker, who joins comedic partner Eric Wareheim in (duh) Tim and Eric, described the pair’s comedic approach, saying, “Some things, it’s all timing. You do it five times, it’s not funny. You do it eight times, it starts to get funny. You do it 15 times, you’re an asshole.”

Since debuting in 2004 with their Adult Swim show “Tom Goes to the Mayor,” the pair has lived comfortably in that 8-15 range, embracing surreal, absurdist humor across platforms including television (“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”), film ("Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”) and, perhaps most bizarrely, in service of frozen pizza rolls.

Now the duo again brings its show to the stage with the “Mandatory Attendance Tour,” which stops at Express Live on Friday, Feb. 21. Expect idiosyncratic songs, gross-out humor, ample general weirdness and an Andy Kaufman-esque sense of confusion over where, precisely, that line between comedy and reality falls.

Not familiar with the pair’s humor? This promotional video advertising the current tour offers at least a snapshot of what attendees can expect.