The Queen of Columbus tackles the musical catalog of the Queen of Soul in a sold-out show

Sharon Udoh of Counterfeit Madison is a fearless performer, not only in terms of her onstage approach, where she’s known to throw herself into a set with preacher-speaking-in-tongues fervor, but also in regards to the projects she’s willing to take on.

Having previously performed an entire set of Nina Simone covers (give it a listen here), Udoh, who received a Wexner Artist Residency Award in May 2019, is set to take on yet another soul titan in Aretha Franklin. (The sold-out show, which takes place at the Lincoln Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 22, was made possible due to the residency award and is being put on in conjunction with the Wex.)

Of the show, billed “Say a Little Prayer: An Aretha Franklin Celebration” and crafted in collaboration with DJ Moxy, Udoh said, “It has brought me nothing but pure joy,” which is precisely what many in Columbus, and elsewhere, would say of her.

The concert should set up a big year for Udoh, who has been shopping a full-length to labels.

“My shit’s weird, and I don’t think people know what to do with it,” Udoh said in a May 2019 interview with Alive about the process of pitching the record (expect it to surface in some form this year). “I’m not the fastest musician. I’m not the most technically proficient. I don’t have the largest range. But I’m one of the craziest musicians I know, and I’m really emotionally intelligent, and I’m really glad I get to create, because I know I’m good for the world.”