The comedian and storyteller loves laughing, music-themed manicures and herself — and not necessarily in that order

Christine Horvath is a Columbus comedian and storyteller. She runs an organization called Babe Roar that uplifts and celebrates marginalized comedians. Follow Babe Roar on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of comedy happenings in our city.

Horvath is honored to be the first featured story teller at Two Dollar Radio’s Unicorn Slam, which takes place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Stop by and catch the show!

Until then, here’s a sneak peek into her cute and smart brain with a handful of things she loves.

Fuzz nail salon 

It’s a funky and unique nail salon in Old North. My nail tech recently gave me a manicure inspired by a James Taylor album. I love it. 

Syd McSweeney 

Syd is a local jazz singer and babely friend of mine. She has a voice that does what great art does best: inspires creativity. See her live at the Vanderelli Room on March 6!

Women Have Options Ohio 

This organization provides a statewide emergency abortion fund. A few upcoming opportunities to support them include the Bowl-a-thon, kicking off today (Tuesday, Feb. 25), and the Solidarity Swap clothing exchange on March 6 and 7. 


I’ve recently had the pleasure of curating two of my favorite comedy lineups of all-time, both featuring comics from across the Midwest. Stand Up for Choice and the UpRoar All Female Comedy Showcase were two recent incredible opportunities for me to just sit back and enjoy a show. 


Yeah, I said it. My twenties taught me to love and fight for myself. My thirties gave me the stability to enjoy it.