Ryan Stolte-Sawa's 2020 Band to Watch will release a live album on YouTube and Bandcamp on Sunday

Mery Steel, part of Columbus Alive's 2020 class of Bands to Watch, will put out its first full-length on Sunday, March 1. But this isn't a traditional album release. The band is releasing Live at Brothers Drake as a video album on YouTube. 

If "live album" conjures ideas of shoddy, fuzzed-out sound and cringe-inducing banter, this ain't that. While Mery Steel singer Ryan Stolte-Sawa intends to one day release some these songs on a "proper" release, Live at Brothers Drake already does this collection of songs justice, and they're a testament to just how good this band sounds in a live setting. Stolte-Sawa's powerful voice is front and center, as it should be; it's a spine-tingling force to be reckoned with.

Head over to Mery Steel's Facebook and Instagram accounts for previews of the video album, which will be released on the band's YouTube channel on Sunday. For a non-video version, Mery Steel will also publish the tracks for stream and sale on Bandcamp the same day. Live at Brothers Drake was filmed and edited by Nathan Caraway with Stephen Ross Portier and recorded live at Brothers Drake Meadery by Tony Rice; the audio was mixed and mastered by Glenn Davis Audio. 

Read Alive's profile of Mery Steel, and be sure to check out Rob Hardin's photos of the Bands to Watch concert that took place at Ace of Cups on Jan. 25.