With the world currently falling apart, we're taking time out each day to highlight something that brought us a few needed minutes of joy

“Yeah, I know it’s a tough world. I’m living in it, too. I sit, and I cry, staring at the moon,” Andy Clager says on the spoken-word intro of "Tutu," one of two tracks on Son of Dribble's just-released digital EP, Dawn of Sorrow. While Clager's sentiments may sound bleak, "Tutu" is actually one of the poppiest, catchiest tracks this 2020 Band to Watch has released to date. 

Take two minutes and give it a listen, and check out the bizarre "Tutu" video below from artist Michael Swen. It includes pictures of puppies.

SON OF DRIBBLE - Tutu from Michael Swen on Vimeo.