The acclaimed director has recently been posting long, detailed breakdowns of obscure films

Quentin Tarantino’s bona fides as a film geek have long been part of his mythology (try finding a profile that doesn’t mention his early employment as a video store clerk), so it makes sense that the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” director would quietly turn to the web to begin posting long, detailed reviews of obscure film classics, as Redditors recently uncovered. The reviews appear on the official website for the New Beverly Cinema, a Los Angeles movie house the director owns, and include breakdowns of pictures such as “Targets,” “Prophecy” and “Fatal Needles Vs. Fatal Fists,” which sounds like one of the faux Rick Dalton movies from “Once Upon a Time…”

Tarantino’s reviews are enthusiastic, thorough and generally insightful. In his “Fatal Fists” writeup, for example, the filmmaker describes one sequence as “what one of [director] Paul Thomas Anderson’s long tracking shots might look like if he used a zoom lens instead of a steadicam.” Throughout, one gets even more appreciation for the film obsessions that have consistently made the director’s own projects such lovingly rendered tributes to the form.