And stay tuned for the release of the band's debut LP later this week

"End of Times," the latest shot off Unchipped's debut album, out later this week, sounds like it could have been penned in recent days, singer Pat Snyder's brutal words relaying humanity's fraught survival amid mass destruction. When the song was written, though, the band's focus rested on humankind's continued ignorance of climate change science rather than a viral pandemic. (Ahh, simpler, happier times.)

As with every song in Unchipped's punishing catalog, the song is meant to serve as a sonic call to attention. “I think [the music] is a reflection of reality,” bassist Ty Owen told Alive last year. “There’s no shtick in it. There’s no shock. It’s not an Alice Cooper act. ... If you’re shocked by it, take a look at the world around you. Nothing in any of our songs is a shock. It’s a wake-up call.”

Watch the video for "End of Times" below.