When you're craving something light but still filling, these should do the trick

“Community” (Netflix/Hulu)
Freshly arrived to Netflix, it’s the perfect time to visit Dan Harmon’s wonderfully offbeat comedy about an unlikely group of friends at a community college. Sure, it gets a little uneven over the six seasons, but if "Troy and Abed in the Morning!" doesn’t put a smile your face, what will?

“Schitt’s Creek” (Neflix/Hulu)
While its final season just wrapped up on Canada’s Pop network (no spoilers, please!), if you haven’t gotten on board with the adventures of a wealthy family who has to start over in a small-town motel, you have missed one of the sweetest, funniest and best shows on television. Ew, David.

“The West Wing” (Netflix)
OK, seeing a competent and functional presidential administration may hit a little close to home these days, but Jed Bartlet will bring you the inspiration and determination we need to get through 2020. It’s also a pretty good civics lesson.

“What We Do In Shadows” (Hulu)
Season 2 of the vampire mockumentary series (based on the movie) is about to start on FX, so spend the weekend getting caught up. In fact, go ahead and watch anything you can find with Matt Berry in it.

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“The Good Place” (Netflix/Hulu)
Another perfectly cast comedy with just the right tone, this afterlife saga is amazingly adept at mixing absurdist laughs with philosophical musing. This one just wrapped up its fourth and final season (although Netflix only has the first three for now).

“Twin Peaks” (Netflix)
If you’ve never seen David Lynch’s weird and wonderful foray into network television (it’s still bizarre to think this was on ABC), now’s a good time. Yes, it’s got some dark and heavy moments, but there’s plenty of levity. And if you’ve got a Showtime subscription, Lynch managed to do it again 25 years later with “Twin Peaks: The Return.”

“The Mind of a Chef” (Prime)
Not everyone loves the brashness of chef David Chang, but Season 1 of the wonderful PBS series (originally narrated by the late Anthony Bourdain) is on Prime until the end of the month, and I highly recommend it as we long for the days when we can explore restaurants again. Pro tip: Limited episodes from the show’s run are also available on the PBS Video app, which has a lot great free content.

“Sealab 2021” (Hulu)
This Adult Swim offering didn’t get quite the same cult following as others, but it will always be my favorite bizarro animated series. At least watch the Captain Murphy episodes, or I’m declaring Martian law. (RIP, Harry Goz.)