Get your art fix online with CCAD and 934 Gallery, plus ROY G BIV's public art in Franklinton

Gallery Hop isn't the only game in town when it comes to online art shows. CCAD, for one, will move its annual Spring Art Fair to the interwebs beginning at 5 p.m. today (Friday, April 10) and running through Sunday. A juried selection of the college's alumni and students will sell their work in the virtual fair.

Tomorrow at 1 p.m., 934 Gallery will host the virtual opening of "Red Thread" with Emma Brown, a Pennsylvania native and Kenyon graduate who now works at the Columbus Museum of Art. Brown describes "Red Thread" this way:

"These are images of people I’ve met in Columbus in different ways. Some I met in bars. One I got to know commuting on the number 4 bus. One is an old friend who was the first person to bring me to this city. I went with each person to a place we had met or maybe made a memory. I handed everyone one end of a piece of red yarn. In many folklores, a red thread signifies fate or true love. But to me, it’s simple: we were there. I see you, and you saw me, holding the camera and the other end of the string. You are invited to imagine stepping through the frame, meeting these people, and holding it too.

If I am somewhat direct in this statement, it’s because I get weary sometimes of the numbers and pieces of paper we must collect in order to exist. Before we reach consciousness, identity documents dictate much about what we may call ourselves, in what comfort we may learn and grow, and on which side of borders we may live. So I asked my subjects to imagine a funny concept with me: a document that represents them not within the lines, boxes, and binary questions that a system demands for its convenience, but hopefully with honesty, tenderness, and vulnerability. This I see as another red thread, between them and me, and now between us and you, who read all the text on the gallery wall."

Also, in Franklinton, ROY G BIV will be "placing art in green spaces and street scapes for an art crawl for our residents that we see out walking/running/exercising with their pets, an inspiring idea from AJ Vanderelli," said Director Lynette Santoro-Au. ROY will also have window displays of a new exhibit, which can also be viewed by appointment. Interviews with artists can be found at the gallery's YouTube channel.