From the band's forthcoming album, 'DNA'

In addition to recording videos of themselves in isolation, the art-making weirdos in fuzz-pop trio Cliffs are back with a new single, "Sweetie," from forthcoming LP DNA. 

At the end of 2018, the former Band to Watch spoke to Alive a bit about recording the new album at Jeremy Ebert’s sweltering home studio (aka Jerbil House) with Alex Douglas. “It had to be 98, maybe 100 degrees that day. We were tracking in the house with no air conditioning, and we had to close all the windows and doors and turn off all the fans. We were in there for almost 12 hours that day,” singer/guitarist Aaron Cottrell said. “[Drummer] Jason [Winner] was having the hardest time. ... His phone was cracked a little bit, and he forgot to take his phone out of his pocket, and he sweat so much that the sweat got into the cracks of the phone and fried it. He had to get a new phone.”

"Sweetie" definitely has summery vibes — a good, old-fashioned garage-rock love song that you'll be singing along to after hitting the replay button a couple times on the YouTube video below.