The local DJ curates a day of music on Instagram

Like most DJs, Krate Digga thrives in a curatorial role, which he'll embrace with a daylong music celebration today on Instagram.

In a February 2019 interview with Alive, the DJ talked about his relationship to music, and how he traces its rhythm back through his bloodlines. “I wholeheartedly believe that I come from a lineage of ancestors who all have a finger on me, so to speak, and they all push influences and spiritual knowledge into me, and that helps dictate my rhythm,” he said. “It’s in our heartbeat, and in that primal rhythm of humanity.”

The performers reflect the breadth of this heartbeat, encompassing soul singers, aching blueswomen and rappers, among other forms.

Here's a schedule of artists:

11 a.m. Paisha Thomas 

Noon Talisha Holmes

1 p.m. Erikka Lauren

2 p.m. Co City

3 p.m. Ed Mabrey

4 p.m. Mayh3m

6 p.m. Weezee

8 p.m. Ill Poetic

9 p.m. Tifani K

Additionally, it wouldn't surprise us to see rapper Ill Poetic revive 2017 single "Bleach" and its "drink bleach, bitch" chorus, which received an unexpected boost last week when President Donald Trump mused sarcastically (*cough*) about the potential of using disinfectants to scrub the lungs of the coronavirus. This truly is the dumbest timeline.

Ill Poetic "Bleach"