“Take two mints and strap this mask back on, try to clear your head/Find an episode funny enough, but not too interesting"

One of Alive’s favorite songwriters, Sam Craighead, is releasing new music every month in 2020, and I’d highly recommend keeping track of them at Head2Wall Records’ Bandcamp. Craighead even came up with clever titles for each one! April’s release, for instance, is titled April. I won’t give away the others.

The A-side of April features the appropriately mellow and soothing “Spa Day,” which includes maybe the best summation yet of how so many of us are attempting to cope during this time:

“Take two mints and strap this mask back on, try to clear your head
Find an episode funny enough, but not too interesting
Something that you’ve already heard before, barely cutting edge
If there’s too much of a story, you’ll be wide awake in bed
If there’s not enough, you’re wandering inside your mind again”

As usual, Craighead’s 2020 releases have equal doses of melancholy and humor, like January track “Chatroom Golem,” which finds the songwriter traveling back to his late teens, when he was hanging out mostly in online spaces: “All my friends went off to art school, don’t have time to hang/I don’t get that kind of homework at Columbus State/So I’m meeting people who live far away.”

Choose your own adventure below: If today is the type of day when you want to live in the now, check out “Spa Day”; if you’d rather go back to simpler times, “Chatroom Golem” is for you.